Male dominatrix chat logs

I’ll admit that while I’ve seen my share of cuckoldresses and hot wives over the years, I’ve only treated a handful of dominatrices.One dominatrix wanted out of the field, while the others had some difficulty separating their professional and personal personas.He had a never-ending supply of one-liners — whenever a foul ball was lost, he was known to shout, “Four bucks!” — and an uncanny ability to tell stories from the past with vivid detail.

They’re social networking sites with options for specific kinks. I want to be your pay pig.” I said, “Did I ask you to rate me on some misogynist scale? I want you to send me a tribute, and I want you send it in all ten-dollar bills, since I’m such a perfect ten. The first time I met a sub in person was at the Standard Grill, right around the corner was the Apple store in the meatpacking district.

For example, a self-identified cuckoldress brought her husband to treatment because “he had the nerve” to cheat on her with another woman.

A passive male cuckold insisted on marital counseling because his wife took a lover that he hated.

I thought, I wasn’t ready for a dungeon, and wasn’t sure about human interaction at all. My wish list ranges from a memory foam mattress to a Chanel clutch.

But I saw that some fin-dommes don’t even meet their pay-pigs — or human ATMs — or slaves — whatever you want to call them. The subs want a woman who likes to splurge, who likes bags and shoes. So I uploaded pictures and wrote a bratty profile like, “Guess what? ” Suddenly I had extremely wealthy, successful figures getting in touch with me. Then I tell them to send me a “tribute,” to know that they’re serious. The first pig I ever had sent me a 0 Amazon card.

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