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These Cemetery and Graveyard Ghost Stories are beyond Urban Legends! Enjoy these 5 allegedly Real Graveyard Horror Stories! Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound at Kevin Macleod at DAILYMOTION – https:// FACEBOOK – https:// Prevai Is TWITTER – Prevails WEBSITE – – SUBMIT A STORY – SHIRTS! Top 5 Horror Stories of real demons, real ghost images, and real paranormal activity are true stories from subscribers. sub_confirmation=1 Check out our Store for Horror Merchandise!

They might sound like urban legends, but this ghost video will have you forgetting your ghost hunter desires and locking your doors for good!

"I argue with them so much anymore that they're glad to get me out of the house for awhile." Susan chuckled, and then looked over to the other girl standing next to her friend. Still think you're okay to go through with this?

" Melissa Hendell glanced nervously from Susan to Ann and back again. "I-I mean, if this is the only way ..." "It's the only way," Susan said firmly.

If we select your story to be turned into audio, we’ll notify you ASAP, but it could be several months before it is actually narrated, produced, scored, and added to the schedule. We don’t select every story we receive, but we do pick the ones that best fit the audience and theme.

We’ll do our best to estimate your air date, but the show is a living thing and sometimes we have to shift things around due to production schedules, voice actor availability, the universe, and the whims of The Librarian. If it’s a great story, we might read it if it really grabs the listener by the ears, but we do try to keep the regular shows under an hour when possible, and anything over 3,600 words is pushing that. We do feature a large variety of horror from traditional ghost stories to modern horror and a lot of things in between.

Many publishers will agree, as it is free publicity for them and you. Sharing: You agree to promote your episode to your friends, family and fans via social media and other means. We MUST have your contact info on your story so we know who you are and how to tell you you’ve been accepted. Submit your story for consideration via the submission form below. The Wicked Library grows by word of mouth and your story is heard by thousands of listeners because of the authors who came before you. I have outlined a number of common issues/questions regarding the submission form on this page; please expand this stub to view the full Q&A section. Subscribe to this Disturbing You Tube Channel for more True Horror Stories, Scary stories from reddit no sleep and lets not meet, scary sleepover stories, and paranormal activity! We want to hear about your creepy Craigslist Posts, Scary You Tube Videos, and 4Chan Horror Stories!So I got set up and went on a blind advance, thanks a lot kelly.... So I try to look snazzy and head out for my "blind" date. Lets just say that no attraction to this person was an understatement, then he went on to describe his body as as a slender pepper shaker, picked up the jug (yes jug, not cup) of water and told me thats what my body looks like.

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