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Maybe the temptation to annoy your sibling comes from boredom or revenge. I'm not sure, but I've learned as a parent there is a fine line between when you can laugh at the funny things they do and when you need to teach them a valuable lesson about being a good person. The Enduring Indians of Kansas: A Century and a Half of Acculturation. Some persons listed might no longer be registered sex offenders and others might have been added.

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A general overview of the Delawares in Kansas, but with more specifics relating to their movement to Oklahoma. A Bibliographical Guide to the History of Indian-White Relations in the United States. A superb collection, fully indexed, listing more than 9,700 items. Indian-White Relations in the United States: A Bibliography of Works Published 1975-1980. Supplement to 1977 edition, published by University of Chicago Press. Indians of Kansas: The Euro-American Invasion and Conquest of Indian Kansas. "The Chippewa and Munsee Indians: Acculturation and Survival in Kansas, 1850s-1870." Kansas History 6 (Winter 1983/84): 212-220. The closest thing you’ll find is Fairhope, a town in the Eastern Shore near Mobile.Fairhope’s the part of Alabama that attracts artsy types and young families with money alike, a town that has actual art galleries and bed & breakfasts.

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