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But Hemsley wasn't put in the ground until November thanks to a bizarre estate dispute arising from the emergence of a man who claimed to be Hemsley's brother. Meanwhile, a controversy has been raging for and counting between two individuals, William Little and David Pullman, who bought Hemsley's residual income when the actor suffered financial difficulties in the latter part of his life and needed to pay debts.In 2005, the two entered into an agreement with each other whereby Pullman paid ,500 to Little and each would have 50 percent of Hemsley's residuals. David Colson (Charlie), Helen Martin (Idella), and John Heffernan (Ol' Cap'n). The half-hour SITCOM was created by NORMAN LEAR's organization and premiered on NBC in January ... Thornton's attorney, Mark Davis, said afterward that he would seek an immediate stay of Chew's ruling to prevent the burial from taking place. Court documents indicate Hemsley's estate is worth more than ,000.Thornton's daughter, Louise Thornton, said her father "didn't come after money.""He came to bury his brother," she said.

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He wanted to bury his brother at a veterans' cemetery in Philadelphia, where Hemsley grew up.

The sitcom, showcasing O'Connor as the conservative, bigoted curmudgeon Archie Bunker, also highlighted Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford, who played character Archie Bunker's African-American neighbors George and Louise "Weezy" Jefferson.

George Jefferson, stubborn and equally opinionated, proved early on in the show that he could hold his own with Archie Bunker.

Flora Enchinton, long time friend of late actor Sherman Hemsley who played George Jefferson on television, talks to reporters outside a probate court, Friday, Nov. The will in which Hemsley left all his belongings to her is being contested by relatives of the actor.

(AP Photo/Juan Carlos Llorca)EL PASO, Texas (AP) — Deceased actor Sherman Hemsley's longtime friend can proceed with his burial and running his estate, a Texas judge ruled Friday over the objections of his half-brother from Philadelphia.

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