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Last year a Latina friend of mine who's unhappily single outlined what she's looking for in a mate.

She wants a man who's college-educated, socially conscious, speaks Spanish and is Latino.

A truly hilariously funny audio comedy was born and the guys are thrilled to be a part of Movie

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As you know, there are some Christians who believe that any dating is inappropriate.

It seems to me that one has trouble defending this view from Scripture.

"It's not that I'm against interracial dating or anything," she explained self-consciously. My friend would describe herself as a proud Latina (I'm withholding her specific ethnicity to protect her privacy).

You see, I'm in an interracial relationship, and she didn't want to offend me. She's built a career on doing work to benefit the Latino community and wants someone who shares that mission.

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Emerick graduated from Benedictine High School in 1961 and Cleveland State University in 1966.Then in 2013 the funny, While adulting has halted the traditional routine and talk a bit, the lively, casual, and spontaneous conversation continues, this time as a recorded funny audio comedy and plastered on the Internet for your enjoyment.The Bi-Weekly Idle Chatter Show features movie, video game, music, comic book, toy collecting, interviews, and various other topics of random chatter.But reading a piece featured on called "Dating Latinos Doesn't Make Me Racist" made me realize that some people would object to my friend's dating preference.Readers responded to that piece by telling the writer, who has much in common with my friend, that she's limiting herself. And before I say more, I want to point out that I know Latinos can be of any race.

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