Utah state laws on dating

A spouse has, although able, neglected or refused to properly provide for and suitably maintain the other spouse; or, 3.A spouse without fault lives separate and apart from the other spouse.

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A spouse has deserted or left the other spouse without good and sufficient cause; 2.Firearm Prohibitions for Persons Subject to Domestic Violence Protective Orders When a petition for an order of protection is filed, the court may prohibit the respondent from purchasing, using, or possessing a firearm upon a finding that the respondent’s use or possession of a weapon may pose a serious threat of harm to the petitioner.However, a petition for such an order may not be brought if one party is the natural parent, adoptive parent, or step-parent of the other, who is a minor, or if both parties are natural, adoptive, step, or foster siblings who are under 18 years of age.Although there are some minor differences, the process for ending a marriage is very similar.Some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce are: Expand All | Collapse All There is no way to prevent a divorce in Utah if one spouse wants it even if the other doesn’t.

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