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It’s that time of the year again – the dreaded V-Day.If you’re not shacked up and hoping your partner will finally buy you flowers, you’re probably single and trying to avoid restaurants filled with loved-up couples.I’ll be grading each story individually, then averaging them for the final anthology grade at the end. There was a lot of telling, and the telling didn’t grab me at all.It’s the year 1866—the Civil War is over and slavery has ended. Plus, lines of dialogue were frequently followed by a few sentences of exposition that interrupted more than supported the conversation.Because of that lack of development in their relationship, when their relationship moved to a physical level, I was surprised – I didn’t think they had enough of a connection between them.The sex scene seemed sudden and out of place to me.

It's pretty much a given that something filmed in New Orleans is going to take advantage of the city's incredibly photogenic qualities, but except for a gratuitous school-dodging romp through the more touristy sections of the French Quarter, the rest of the action could have been filmed in any suburban locale.

It’s So Hard to Type with a Gun In My Mouth by Steve Bluestein Steve’s a friend of mine, but even if he wasn’t, I’d have adored this book anyway.

It’s basically a memoir of his 30 years on the road as a comic, but it also deals with his unhappy childhood and struggles.

) The story is simple: two teenage girls meet, become friends and ultimately (and when I say 'ultimately' I mean in around ten minutes) fall in love.

The rebellious Emily initially mesmerizes Kaye, a newcomer to the city, and before you can say, "I saw that coming from a mile away" they are rolling around in Kaye's bed, although it's not quite clear exactly what they're doing.

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