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Johnson, who has been engaging in a fundraising campaign for an all-boys academy based on Pan-Africanist ideology, is known for both his homophobic and misogynistic rhetoric.

That speech includes condemning Black women for their sexual behaviors and for wearing unnatural hair.

On a wet weekday afternoon there are typically six or seven punters in these stews, who half-watch the show while drinking lager, munching crisps and thumbing through Loot or watching the cricket on the screen in the corner. Flesh, alcohol, crisps, cricket, literature — the five pillars of civilised manhood, all accessible from one bar stool. So I ought to be able to leave this type of nudity to the people who understand it, but I am a stand-up comedian, so sadly it’s unavoidable in my line of work. At every taster show or chat show at the Edinburgh Fringe, there’s burlesque.

I went to a fundraiser for International Women’s Day; there was burlesque.

Last night's cold open had Alec Baldwin and Kate Mc Kinnon reprising their flawless takes on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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The whistleblower is a woman in her 40s named Khym Ringgold, a blonde weave-wearing resident of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

And yes, I’m a student at the University of Michigan.

I started dancing after being recruited by a girl in my sorority.

At every summer festival there’ll be a cabaret tent, and for cabaret you can pretty much read ‘burlesque’.

Burlesque, it seems, has become the curry powder of light entertainment.

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