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You walk into a go go bar or beer bar and take a seat.Some people believe that tops are a dying breed in the gay community.

Thai bar girls don’t make you feel bad and guilty by what you are doing, they even give you the feeling that they really like you – which is actually no lie in most cases.

After all, when you fire up your favorite hookup aps, there’s a good chance most of the guys you encounter are looking to get thumped, right? But here is the deal – there’s LOTS of tops out there. The difficult truth is that many men who primarily sleep on the top bunk don’t put themselves on the market because they have grown tired of dealing with selfish bottoms who exhibit narcissistic behaviors.

Oh he may describe himself as “versatile”, but when you get the guy behind closed doors, he suddenly becomes a total bottom. In fact, the research suggests that the ratio of people who identify themselves as top or bottom is fairly even split. That may sound ridiculous but it’s also completely true.

Given interest in this topic, we decided to conduct a bit of research.

Specifically, we asked 50 men who call themselves “tops” or “vers tops” the specific things bottoms do that turn them off.

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