Dating a guy with a crazy ex girlfriend single mother dating again

Does that mean she’s another West Covina resident suffering from some of Rebecca’s rubbed-off crazy?

Or was she always this ruthless, just waiting for the right partner-in-crime to come along?

I was selfish, demanding, thoughtless and I hurt people. Not having closure makes it take much longer to buck up and move on.’ – Crispy Bearcat 16.

An important lesson: if the guy you’re dating says all his exes are ‘crazy’, he might be the problem. ‘The f***er had about 00.00 worth of my Blu Rays in his place, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to blow up his phone numerous times a day until he answered and gave them back to me.’ – angelinabobina 4. because I knew in my bones he was cheating (confirmed). I had an undiagnosed mental disorder and didn’t understand how to handle emotions appropriately.’ – Lunatical Pitties 7. Made sure all his friends thought I was the crazy one because he couldn’t control me.’ – electrikskies1 11. I wanted to be the only one he wanted and he didn’t want me and wouldn’t tell me why.’ – lutheranian 15.

Because most of the time, breakups can’t be reduced down to ‘she was crazy’. A Reddit thread is asking all the ‘crazy girlfriends’ – meaning women who have been called crazy because of their actions in relationships – to share their perspective on what really happened. ‘If you ignore me for days after constant communication, I’m going to hide in a shadow on a street and wait for you to get home to see you’re with your fianceé you conveniently forgot to tell me about.’ – flatspoon 5. It made me realize I never want to be with someone who I feel like I “need ” to snoop on. ‘I was crazy for the first few months of my current relationship. I had never had a SO that I wanted to be around 24/7. But he was emotionally distant, and I ended up being so attached and he couldn’t understand. ‘Ignoring me when all I want is closure so I can move on has made me freak out in a past relationship. ‘Why do you think it is ok to ghost as a way of ending a relationship?

There’s nearly always some context that’s been left out, some details that haven’t been included in the story, or some issues that went unnoticed. Since then, he has become more open and I have become more relaxed.’ – overlordkim 8. Looking back, I see I created havoc in all sorts of personal relationships during those first 2 – 3 years after her death. Most women prefer hurtful truth over always wondering.

OBVIOUSLY that didn’t happen.’ – pickingonsharks 3. I had proof and he kept promising me we’d work on the marriage and he’d quit talking to her. Called me crazy when I would always find actual proof of him lying and sneaking around on me. ‘Some women react very, very poorly to hormonal birth control. Cue the heart-pounding anxiety and emotional meltdowns! ‘I was broken up with and given a bullsh*t reason and was young and hormonal and emotional.

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