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(Jonathan Brady / Associated Press) When it comes to impressing potential dates, a little change in posture might make the difference between a swipe right and a swipe left.A new study led by a UC Berkeley researcher finds that, when all you’ve got is a moment, people who use more expansive, dominant gestures are the ones most likely to earn a second look.They set up a speed-dating event and invited a total of 382 people (190 men and 192 women) who were aged 18-54 to participate.

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Previous research has shown that between committed partners, gestures like nodding, smiling and leaning forward are linked to those partners’ self-reported feelings of love.In one event, there was hardly any space between the tables.I could hear every awkward conversation, and not just my own.There are hundreds of participants in any speed dating venue and if you are not able to leave a lasting impression on someone’s mind, chances are you would not be the top in the order. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is not what all of us are.If you are visiting one of the speed dating events near you, make sure you know the rules of the game. However, you can improve how you look by dressing up well and grooming yourself carefully.

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