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China was increasingly called a superpower in the early 2010s, including at the 2011 meeting between Hu Jintao and Barack Obama.

China overtook the US as the world's largest trading nation, filing the most patents, expanding its military, landing its lunar rover Yutu on the moon, ending the nearly four-decade malaise of lunar exploration and creating China's Oriental Movie Metropolis as a major film and cultural center.

In the United States, polls showed a divided electorate regarding healthcare reform, immigration, gun rights, taxation, job creation, and debt reduction.

Hundreds of protesters marched into the financial district of Wall Street in New York City, beginning the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“I was in an open place where people accepted and truly believed in me.

That summer opened so many doors for me.” After that summer, she stepped up to lead as a peer advisor, an experience that taught her about public speaking, confidence, and strength.

At the start of middle school, Chisom went through a difficult time at home, dealing with custody issues between her parents -- and at school where she struggled to make friends due to the stressful transitions at home.

Additionally, growing up in a culture where she saw women with few choices beyond childcare or housework, Chisom felt limited by her circumstances and unclear about her future.

Here, she found a support network and discovered her potential. Summer program, which provided her with long-lasting friendships while exposing her to the STEM field, college life, women’s health, and much more.For girls like Chisom, summer and out-of-school-time programming are transformative, helping them see beyond their current situations and believe they can achieve.“I no longer feel as though my past experiences prevent me from being an outspoken and thoughtful individual.He has developed his career in progressively senior roles and has delivered profitable solutions and increased sales to ultimately build stronger brands.Belmonte finished his executive education at IESE Business School and he also participates in education programs lecturing to the advertising and media industries.

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