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IICRC Storm Damage Restoration Recommendations The following information is submitted by IICRC as a public service to those who have suffered water-related losses due to storm damage (e.g., hurricane, tornado).

The furthest back in time that we have found information about our Dalton's medieval wives is the name of Lawrence.

A Miss Lawrence married Sir Richard Dalton II in 1277 in Lancaster, Lancashire England.

Many hours searching for surnames that apply to Surnames listed above. Sir Dunning was a traitor to his Saxon heritage and was appointed by the Norman invaders as the first Norman Lord of Lathom.

He married Marigard ESSEX, at The Chapelry of Lathom, Lathom, Lancashire, England;2 died at Lathom House, Lathom, Lancashire, England; The Lathom House, the Chapelry of Lathom, and the town of Lathom itself would later become a part of the city of Ormskirk, Lancashire, England; buried at Chapelry of Lathom, Lathom, Lancashire, England.

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Whether insured or not, it is important for property owners to document damage with photographs or video, and immediately begin loss mitigation procedures themselves; or hire a qualified contractor to do this on their behalf.Mellowed by wind and weather, it runs the whole gamut of warm colors from tender pinks and yellows to deep red browns and cold green grays.The soft gray lichens and deep green mosses add variety to the grimness of the old stone. Notes for DUNNING DE LATHAM: Dunning de Latham was born circa 1031 at Saxon, England. He married MARIGARD ESSEX May 28, 1068 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England.

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