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1992 - Sonny Lindner 1993 - Charlie Boulding 1994 - name not available 1995 - Jim Wilson 1996 - John Schandelmeier 1997 - John Schandelmeier 1998 - Andre Nadeau 1999 - Ramy Brooks 2000 - Thomas Tetz 2001 - William Kleedehn 2002 - Peter Butteri 2003 - Hans Gatt 2004 - Zach Steer Mayor's Award Presented to the Yukon Quest Champion between 19; no longer awarded.

I have jokingly said that a project of this significance is like having children...should do it when you're young....because it requires a lot of time, energy and stamina..mention sleepless nights!

Angela Yee was the only person at the radio show that knew Hall was dating NBA basketball player, Aaron Afflalo. The small forward recently signed a contract with the Sacramento Kings. Upon looking back at the cover, Regina saw numerous similarities between her and her dog.

They both appeared in Think Like A Man and Think Like A Man Too.

#whentheboughbrreaks #itallwentwrong #september9th Great press day with my co-stars @morrischestnutofficial and @jaz_sinclair for @whenboughbreaks.

Thank you @embreetheory and @reaannsilva for making being my glam squad today.

The release party earlier this year on January 10th was incredible..was a party!!

I was determined that the work was done and it was time to celebrate..did.1984 - Shirley Liss 1985 - Jim Bridges 1986 - Michael Schwandt 1987 - Allen Dennis 1988 - Ty Halvorson 1989 - Peter Butteri 1990 - Esa Ekdahl 1991 - Beat Korner 1992 - George Cook III 1993 - Jeff Currey 1994 - Barry Emmett 1995 - Dieter Zimgibl 1996 - Stan Njootli 1997 - Ralf Zielinski 1998 - Brian O'Donoghue 1999 - Peter Ledwidge 2000 - Deborah Bicknell 2001 - Bruce Milne 2002 - Wayne Hall 2003 - Paul Geoffrion 2004 - Tom Benson 2005 - Blake Freking 2006 - Regina Wycoff 2007 - Bob Mc Alpin 2008 - Kyla Boivin 2009 - Iris Wood Sutton 2010 - Jocelyne Leblanc 2011 - Hank De Bruin 2012 - Michael Telpin 2013 - Dyan Bergen 2014 - Jerry Joinson 2015 - Rob Cooke 2016 - Gaetan Pierrard Not a yearly award, the Silver Award is to be presented to a dog that has performed astoundingly or done a heroic act during a specific race.2011 - Silver (Brent Sass) for guiding two teams out of a blizard on top of American Summit Kiwanis Award Presented to the first official finisher to cross the international border between Canada and the United States.

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He will use you, lie to you an a daily basis and he is very suave. It's all about how many women he can string along at once. Do yourself a favor, cut him out of your life, he is poison.According to the IFFHS, Pelé is the most successful league goal-scorer in the world, scoring 1281 goals in 1363 games, which included unofficial friendlies and tour games.He was listed in the Guinness World Records for most career goals scored in football for this.Pelé began playing for Santos at age 15 and the Brazil national football team at 16.During his international career, he won three FIFA World Cups: 1958, 19, being the only player ever to do so.

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