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It isn’t always this bad, but coming back from Hawaii had us spend the night in the San Francisco airport.

The United States Marine Corps USMC, also known as the United States Marines, is a branch.

So here I am, on this clear Nevada weather morning, sitting on top of Coyote Summit, a 200 ft hill at the “gate” of the Range (aka the NTTR), and waiting.

This particular place is very well-known among spotters and by noon, we’re 5 people there, chatting about aviation, and catching in a hurry our cameras at every engine sound we hear above the wind.

MQ-Mb multirole fighter prepped for a precision strike mission U. Air Force Expeditionary Fighter Squadron Air-to-ground missiles, radio surveillance gear, high-definition video cameras, communications relays, nonlethal microwave-energy beams, 2000-pound precision bombs 45 feet32 feet Zero The Air Force is planning to build a fleet of unmanned warplanes that will fly and fight without human guidance.

The next-generation aircraft envisioned by the Air Force, and modeled in the illustration opposite, would be able to dodge enemy radar, swap payloads for multiple kinds of missions and use sophisticated onboard sensors to prevent collisions with other UAVs and manned airplanes.

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The Heron is just one of about a dozen UAVs making flight demonstrations.

After two days of shooting tons of pictures (you can have a glimpse here), and wanting more than take-offs and landings at the base, I was looking for some more action.

My plan was to go and see and hear the aerial war in the high desert of Nevada, the natural habitat of these metal birds. Highway (also known as US 375), one can see the vastness of the USAF playground.

Red Flag is a major event in the military aviation community, known by both pilots, spotters and other fans.

In a nutshell, it is the most important exercise in the world, both in terms of realistic training and participating units, and it’s held 4 times a year.

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