Online dating screen names

Appealing online dating screen names are essential because it’s the first and only thing potential dates will see before deciding whether or not to read your dating profile.It’s really very simple: The greater the number of clicks from your screen name to your profile, the greater number of opportunities you will have of meeting your soulmate.“Screen names should be fun, flirty, and memorable,” says Julie Spira, online dating pro and founder of Cyber Dating Expert.“If you love yoga, call yourself ‘Yoga Loverin NYC.’ If you’re a skier, perhaps ‘Jill Lovesto Ski’ will send the right message.” Don’t treat it as a throwaway because you’re excited to get to the meatier stuff. Details, details, details: It’s easy to mention that you care about staying healthy, but specifics will really catch a guy’s eye.Unfortunately, many christian singles put tons of time into writing a great dating profile, but make up their screen names and/or taglines as a hasty after-thought.

Him: Healthy-living, adventurous stud who loves to spend his weekends breaking a sweat.

That's because several measures of success, such as educational attainment and income are linked to names higher up the alphabet, added to which search engines sort names alphabetically.

But choose carefully, say the researchers, who recommend looking at the profiles of other people you find attractive and using a similar screen name to theirs.

So put within your screen name a positive quality about yourself that your target may find attractive.

Have fun thinking about this, and recall that humor goes a long way.

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    Use your photos as a primary tool to express who you are, what you love to do, where you love to go and what type of lifestyle you lead.

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