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Aired 6-7p ET • At Least 13 Dead, Dozens Injured in Barcelona Terror Attack; ISIS Claims Barcelona Attackers as Its 'Soldiers'; Two Top GOP Senators Question Trump's Competency, Moral Authority.

Aired 5-6p ET • Trump Defiant Despite Backlash Over Charlottesville Comments.

Van Koopan said he wished most Dutch were as pious as his Muslim friends but didn’t understand why immigrants could jump the queue to get apartments distributed by the state. Nor was his friend Pierre, who instructed me to refer to him as Pierre of the Boulevard.

” In the weeks leading up to the vote, the Dutch have been preoccupied, almost obsessed, with issues of immigration, integration, and national identity.

In this Glossary an attempt has been made to use the most common spelling variant.

If you can't find the word listed where you expected it, try looking for it using a related vowel or consonant, e.g., "tzores" (trouble) can be found under "tsores." Some of these alternate spellings are cross-listed.

The nominative definite articles are: Der, masculine; dos, neuter; and di, feminine (or plural).

Thus dos punim means "the face" (neuter) and der birger is "the citizen" (masculine).

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