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Sex is determined immediately when a woman's egg is fertilized by a man's sperm.

If an X sperm fertilizes an X egg, the fetus will be female.

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Question: Am I a Lesbian if I Have an Ft M Partner?

A straight-identified teen wonders if having an Ft M (female to male transgender) partner means that she is a lesbian.

This should not be breaking news, and yet it will be for many. Back in the 1990's, lesbian and gay organizations started adding transgender people to their missions.

It seemed to be a reasonable expansion -- transgender people face many of the same prejudices that gay people do.

The result is that many Americans who have heard the word transgender think it means another kind of gay.

Now, living as a man who is in a relationship with a woman, Chaz is considered by society to be straight.

Many people don't think this through when a friend or loved one undergoes a transsexual transition.

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