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* The central location of the dance floor means seating can be bought in to offer table and chair layouts in a number of configurations. We have had professional photo shoots at Lucky 13 Garage too.

Location rental for movies or TV is also available.

Yes, its different and lends itself to a fun night due to, not only the eclectic dcor but due to the numerous party zones in the floor plan layout.

* A great lounge area where you can sit, chat and be very comfortable.

* Bar style seating for those who like to be above the action you can check out the whole venue and also watch the dance floor.

* The dance floor is a great size XXX people can dance the night away on a special wooden dance floor. Lucky 13 Garage has already hosted: Weddings, and Engagements. Club nights, office parties and we have even celebrated divorces and buying a new bike!! On a corporate level its an ideal place for any auto related product launch.

For the uninitiated, the fight between Kapil and Sunil took place when they were returning after performing stage shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

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By no means do I live in safety – I live in London; there’s knife crime, vandalism and a hooligan lurking around every corner.

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