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An insider told Radar “They are no longer together – they split-up about a week ago.

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In an incident after their break-up, Justin reportedly yelled at Lydia during an Oscar party in 2008.The actor-slash-singer and actress-slash-designer sat together at the May 26 performance of "The Motherf- With the Hat," but a show source tells us they entered and left the Schoenfeld via different doors and came in separate cars because Olsen, who split from Justin Bartha in early March, was worried about being seen with the "Sexy Back" singer.For the same reason, they chose not to go backstage, leaving actors wondering what the "big deal" was."They both kind of ended it," says the source, who says the couple's age difference was a factor. Justin Timberlake and Ashley Olsen are bringing cloak and dagger back.Adding to the intrigue, Hearst yesterday tweeted, "Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you," which sounds like a reference to Goldblum's playboy reputation, but our source had not heard the actor was stepping out on Hearst-Shaw. Drama lovers are still talking about the high-maintenance night they had at the theater last month.

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