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Clear away the weeds from day to day, raise your Dog, raise a Horse, add-on to your House, and raise a family. Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides Submit a FAQ Submit a Video Walkthrough Submit Video Guide. Use the submission formor email them as attachments to faqs neoseeker.Give the Shady Salesman 1000 G at the Flower Festival 3. Throw a large fish into the pond by the Fisherman's tent between 9am and 5pm and Kappa will give you a Power Berry. First, acquire a Marble by planting a combination of Moondrop and Pink Cat Mint Flowers in a total of eight 3 by 3 flower beds.During the Winter seasons smash the boulder on the frozen pond near the Fisherman's tent with your Golden Hammer. You can find one in the Winter mine/while mining during winter. When you're at full strength throw a vegetable into the Goddess Pond and wish for strength. If you win the Egg Festival you will be awarded a Power Berry. If you fish off of the dock during winter eventually you'll end up catching a Power Berry. Become friends with Basil and he'll give you a Power Berry. A couple will come by to look at them and give you a Marble.Forest spirit Throw a vegetable in the pond in the forest by standing on the bridge and pressing A. Easy money Look for wild fruit or herbs around the land then take them to the Shipping Bin.-From: [email protected] tools in a single night Go to the Bar at night and start using a tool (Hammer, Axe, Sickle, Hoe, Watering Can) on nothing.

Press A on the side of the tree that is closest, or faces, the river.

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Please do not send me corrections to this guide until it is marked complete! Permisson to use these images must be gathered from the editor (Read: I worked hard to make these, please ask before using and give credit when you do.) Key to Table -Name of Plant: There are 10 different 'things' to grow, over the 4 seasons.

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