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I remember taking all of these risks while I was single (except Speed Dating as there was never that option presented).

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I get the privilege of being a part of many of you ‘stepping out’ into some unknown and sometimes scary situations. We get a personal trainer at the gym, advance in our education through schooling of all sorts, adventure in new ways, attend conferences for work and spiritual advancement etc, etc, etc, but this area of the heart and relationships can be especially scary and unknown. You’re planting seeds that will grow into something substantial and lasting, but as God likes to do, we can sometimes sow seeds in one field only to have the harvest pop up in a different field.

I understand it can be challenging and rewarding all while sometimes being just plain downright scary. The risk feels overwhelming sometimes, especially if we aren’t quite seeing the reward we thought we would or as quickly as we hoped. Or we can sow in a field and we reap the harvest in that same field.

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