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One thing I can suggest ad hoc here: Take a look at this "camera connection database" created by a video surveillance software vendor. If the camera provides an MJPEG stream direct from an "http" URL (with login credentials I have had mixed success with my D-Link DCS942LB . A couple notable differences are that mine doesn't use the port and it uses a different feed format. I right-click each one and open it in a new tab, then close the new tabs and refresh the dashboard and the videos will work until the next reboot or browser restart. If I really wanted video security, I would buy one of the wired, 0 8 camera 1080 systems with NVR & web today. Action Tiles has made the experience much better and I gladly paid for the product to get that experience.It works great with action tiles on i OS and PC, but not so much on my Android tablet. :port//image.jpgwhen I typed that in the first window, it kept vanishing! HA & IP Cams are a helpful hobby and I make sure my wife understands the difference. I use IP Cam Viewer Pro to view real time and record periodically to my android. I can wait & work with the Action Tiles team at a patient pace to get better viewing here. I have four IP Webcams running on old Android phones, and they all stream to Action Tiles on my Android tablets or PCs.They said, vlc browser addon plays just fine and they will not change anything...So is there any library that implements the rtsp stream with authentication.You can see in action by clicking "Open sensor graph" from the app's web interface.When inspecting this page you can see how when you check/uncheck the sensors it updates the URL to include/exclude each sensor in an array .

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So if you are looking for the perfect app for your Android based phone, skip all the others, which seem to have annoying issues and lack of compatibility and download IP Cam Viewer Lite first.

I'll have to start with our far too slim KB answer.

The reality is that there are thousands of camera models and we haven't figured out a "really good way" to rate them for use with Action Tiles (not to mention cross referenced by browser and browsing device OS, and dozens of ways to "work around" may camera limitations...). But, sometimes AT media editor tells me this not a valid video URL.

I bet you pay the 10 bucks and register it within 24hrs!

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