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They may also ask you for naked photos of yourself and/or ask you to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam, particularly if you are female.

Once the fraudsters are confident that their relationship with you is strong enough - in other words: when they are sure that you have enough sympathy and desire for them - they will tell you about a problem they are experiencing and ask you to help out by sending money.

As more of our friends meet the loves of their lives on sites on OKCupid and, our virtual guards remain up like invisible force fields. I would come to find later that the Alex persona had been tweaked to suit my fantasy. Alex happened to be a man who suffered terribly from a fatal disease, and after a brief online courtship, he lulled me into believing I was one of the only things that mattered in his life. Alex Lee described himself as a slim, handsome, young, autistic man who was not only a victim of abject poverty, but was dying of terminal leukemia as well. His voice, with its sultry Southern drawl, was naturally low and distinctly masculine.When the victim responds, their new “friend” tells them a story about how they are located far away from the victim, often overseas.As the relationship develops and false trust is built, the “friend” asks the victim to send money to help them out of some fake situation.I fell in love with Alex and spent years in an online relationship with him. I wasn't looking for a real-life affair; I was looking for exactly what I got: an online romance with a person I believed to be as vulnerable as I was.I thought I'd found a friend, someone who had suffered as I did — someone who, in his way, could love me.

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