Unknown error while updating ipod

The error message would read like There was a problem downloading software for the i Phone. “An unknown error occurred (9006).”i Tunes error 9006 could crop up due to more than one reasons such as lack of proper internet connection, faulty USB port etc. You May Like: i Tunes Won’t Sync After i OS 9/10 Update – How to Fix You may have tried many methods online to fix this i Tunes sync error, such as updating i Tunes to latest version and upgrading i Phone/i Pad to the newest i OS operating system.However, the "i Tunes sync error 54" still can’t be fixed.You may be the person who has no permission to modify or move the data, and the data you want to sync may be the "i Tunes" folder or just some files (such as songs, pictures and movies).Don’t Miss: Transfer Songs from Computer to i Pod with/without i Tunes Sometimes fixing your i Tunes sync error (-54) seems a little difficult because it is hard to find which files cause this problem.Keep only the essentials; keyboard, mouse and your i Pad or i Phone.

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To resolve this issue, (a) use a different USB cable, (b) use another USB port on your computer (c) unplug any extra USB cables such as printer etc.Make sure that i Tunes is stopped on your computer (Widows/Mac). Now, your phone may reboot but it will return to normal state. Hoever, restore i Phone will erase all data on your i Phone, so make sure you've ever backed up i Phone with i Tunes or i Cloud. Once your i OS update is finished, go back to the hosts file and remove the " gs.apple.com" line again so that i Tunes can properly update as usual.Several i OS users have reported that they are unable to update, backup or restore their devices when they use i Tunes.If you see an error code when using i Tunes to update or restore your i Pad or i Phone, there are a few things you can try to identify and fix your problem.

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