Dating and timing

Meeting the right person at the wrong time can keep you in a relationship longer than you should be.

You believe in your heart that this is the person for you and if you wait long enough, they’ll warm up to the idea themselves. You are with the right person it’s just not the right time for either of you.

I'm glad we gave it our best shot, and I'm not sorry about any of it.There are so many ways that timing mistakes can negatively affect a relationship that has promise. Your date will appreciate your text or call apologizing and giving a new ETA. Waze estimates you won't get there for another hour.After four months of long distance, I deferred uni (as we call it down under) and moved to London. Being that he's my ex-boyfriend now, the distance eventually overcame us.I didn't want to stay in London (seriously, that place is horrible) and he didn't want to go back to Australia.

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