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The August 11, 2011 issue was the first under new ownership.

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I have also supported people struggling with the effects of historical wounds or trauma, including those whose ways of coping may create additional challenges (like eating disorder or other behaviors).

Those who fail to attend at least one meetup in any six month period will be dropped from the group. We are a diverse group, offering social activities and in person peer to peer support to members of the Atlanta transgender community.

Our meet ups are specifically for our members to meet others in the transgender community, and to socialize with other group members in order to provide a sense of comfort in expressing your inner self in the 'real' world.

If you are transgender and want to meet in person with other members of the transgender community for socialization and support, COME JOIN US!

Our members are friendly, welcoming, and fun to spend time with! Membership Requirements: All applicants must provide a profile showing them in their chosen gender (female for MTF and male for FTM).

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