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Therefore, it is possible to analyze sample as a solid without chemical treatment, such as sample dissolution and column separation.Mass spectrometry・・・An analytical method for determination of mass-to-charge ratio and the mass number of charged particles.SHRIMP has specialized in carrying out the analysis of minute areas by particular focused ion beam, and is referred to as "ion microprobe ".High secondary ion detection sensitivity and high mass and spatial resolution enable to produce reliable data worldwide.

Ion microprobes make in situ isotopic and chemical 'surface' analysis of solid targets by bombarding the sample with an ion beam with a diameter of several microns typically employing Kohler focussing.The age and effects of impacts, thermal history of Lunar samples from NASA and Martian meteorites have been studied on our SHRIMP.The oldest zircons of the Moon and Mars were dated in the SHRIMP Facility.Research into ore localisation, ore sources, and ore remobilisation by UWA Centre for Exploration Targeting academics, as well as ore deposit exploration by Australian and international mining companies relies on the Curtin SHRIMP Facility.Accurate SHRIMP age data on intrusive dikes swarms, gigantic flood basalt provinces and granite intrusion is essential for plate tectonic models of super continent formation and subduction related fold belts.

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