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Whether it be webbed toes, clubbed thumbs, or third (and fourth!) nipples, you may be surprised at just how many of your favorite celebs have physical deformities.There were reports that there were photos of the kiss being shopped around.The actor was also accused of having a fling with his Out of Time costar, Sanaa Latham. So, while it has been Robin that’s been accused of misbehaving for quite some time, perhaps Paula sought solace in her friend and former costar Denzel and let things go farther than they should have.She revealed the deformity to British magazine Heat, explaining, “I had a tail when I was born. Then they chopped it off and stole my tail.”Kate Bosworth belongs to a small group of people with heterochromia iridium – two different eye colors.Other celebrities with the unique condition include Mila Kunis, Kiefer Sutherland and Elizabeth Berkley.

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Important: We do not list an email address for Denzel Washington because most email addresses circulating the Internet are fake and those that are genuine (very few) become so popular that the owners change them soon after they are posted somewhere.Now of course you shouldn’t make fun of them because of these things, just let them serve as a reminder that these men and women are just like the rest of us — except maybe a little wealthier. Funnyman Damon Wayans was born with a clubbed foot, a fairly common birth defect affecting nearly one in 1,000 people.As a child he underwent surgery to have the foot corrected, but before then he used to be teased by other kids because of the deformity.Ed Limato William Morris Agency One William Morris Place Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Phone: 310-859-4000 Alan Nierob Rogers & Cowan Public Relations Pacific Design Center 8687 Melrose Avenue 7th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90069 Phone: 310-854-8100 We wish you success and fulfillment in your relationships with Denzel Washington.To get the agent, manager, publicist of this celebrity visit Contact Any Celebrity.

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