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I was sh*gging this lass - standard - and I followed through. At the same time she is still going, I got the sheet and started wiping my a*se. When I finished I stood up and told her 'look, I'm just going to the toilet.” “She was pure trying it on with me every night – I’m not even joking!

In 2005/2006 MTV Canada produced a series of Canadian made True Life episodes. It is not known if the Canadian shows will air on MTV US. Daniel Dickey was just cast in the most recent one.

I enjoy a woman who has curves and may be on the thicker side, but this is not a requirement.

True Life is a documentary series running on MTV from 1998 to the present. The show is created by following a series of subjects by a camera crew through a certain part of their life.

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Serena Altschul reports on heroin addiction in Plano, Tex., where at least 12 young people died of overdoses from Jan. Also: a look at two teens as they shoot up in a bathroom. Daniel Dickey was just cast in the most recent one.

It's quite an embarrassing, taboo subject to go down that road so they come to specialist services - to women like myself.' Nicolas, 29, from London, uses hypnotherapy and regression to help people understand why their childhood - and, he believes, past lives - can cause them to commit acts that others find shocking and sickening and that are sometimes even illegal.

She said: 'Since October when I came for the session, I've noticed it has instilled a lot of confidence within myself.

'We feel as thought the session has shed light of where she has come from, as that shapes who she is today. We feel that dealing with old emotions would help her be more content with herself, find clarity and just be a peace.'Lisa and Nicolas began meeting people in early 2014 with sexual behaviours that were considered taboo, unacceptable or illegal - like zoophilia (arousal through inflicting pain on or seeing animals in pain), necrophilia (sexual attraction or intercourse with a corpse) and incest.'I guess I'm lucky that I had a good upbringing and was never exposed to such things however I do feel childhood experiences and even porn plays a role as it can put ideas into people's mind and influence them.

Those Geordie Shore lot aren’t shy when it comes to talking about the old sex life.

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