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“We have learned several tips from our awesome tribe of parents ― like, sometimes the Elf on the Shelf shows up with a cast on his leg and a letter stating ‘due to an unfortunate accident while making toys Elf will not move from spot to spot this year but will keep tabs on your behavior for Santa,’” Hensley said, adding that she also learned about an app that plays voicemails from Santa to inspire kids to behave.

“But one of my favorites is a mom who convinced her son that Santa watches security footage from all of the toy stores, and if you lift one up and say ‘This one Santa!

Dispatching mum to do the job, dad Clarke trusted that his missus could keep the kids in check and bring home the fish.

But a brilliant series of texts captures the moment mum Lexa breaks the bad news, revealing that she departed from the plan."I swear to god," says dad, "if you bring home anything other than an aquatic animal, I'm going to shoot you." Then she replied with a picture of the new family pet, an adorable little puppy."As I know you do not own a gun, we are going dog shopping and then bringing Fish home."That's right, to make up for dad's disappointment – or to rub salt in the wound – she let the kids name the dog Fish.

“You should of put me and your daddy on this one too. I said nigga that’s the point, we always stressing him out. Kendrick was more than amused by the text, responding, “You going emoji brazy. Frequent collaborating producer Sounwave recently revealed that Kung Fu Kenny required that producers on the project literately sleep in the studio instead of leaving and coming back. Every producer who was on this project literally had to sleep in the studio.For example, you can compare these mother daughter quotes with our love quotes. The connection between mothers and daughters is unlike any other relationship. A daughter is God’s way of saying, “thought you could use a lifelong friend.” 14. Enjoy our Quotereel collection of short mother daughter quotes to inspire your heart and perhaps reflect some of the feelings you have experienced yourself. Often there is such a great level of trust between mother and daughter that they will share any secret, making each other their best friends. Your daddy said u look stressed out on the cover lol. Boy you can make a dog laugh,” she added, sprinkling the message with emojis. Dot’s mom should know it took a lot of hard work and dedication to put out such a bomb project.This guy knows the real meaning of the “motherfucker” word because he is one in the very core of his being.

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