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Lumiana De Rosa (better known by her stage name Lumidee) is making a comeback.Though only twenty-three, she first tasted fame at the age of nineteen when her debut single "Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)" rose to the #3 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, prompting a record deal with Universal Records.with you body with yours and with mine feel the orgasm that ????come back next to you with the light like the first time you see here I am again I want that they look at me ???????????

(Speedy) no hablo digo,digo nada sientelo, araso con tu cuerpo con la suya y con el mio siente el orgasmo que te ya te promite vuleve a tu lado con la luz coma a primera vez ya vez como es aqui me ecuento otra vez queiro que me miren mucho menos de frieres solo yo me miro vien sientelo me cuerpo junto al tuyo solo sientelo no hablan digan nada sientelo (Lumidee) now i know i wanna feel ya body tonight all the **** you talking better be i know i wanna feel ya body tonight all the **** you talking better be right.

im watching me from the bottom to the top say what you say but you want me 2 stop enough of the frontin i know you want something classy and sexy without no tungue ring step 2 your before is your world straight from the gutter but i shine like a pearl utterans,veterans nor throught the night didn't know this flow can be so tight.

dimelo,diemelo,dimelo,dimeloooo,dimelo,dimelo,dime lo (Speedy and Lumidee same time) dimelo,sientelo.

She began singing and rapping at the age of twelve.

After graduating high school, she collaborated with local neighborhood producer DJ Tedsmooth to record her debut single, "Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)" for an independent label, Straight Face. and #2 in the UK, but it was her only hit until the 2007 release of "She's Like The Wind." According to Nielsen Sound Scan, Almost Famous sold 276,000 copies in the U. For the next few years, Lumidee was not in the mainstream music industry in the US, instead veering more towards reggaeton and dancehall music.

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