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John Franklin Elrod Commercial Appeal Article: This is an interesting article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal, about John Elrod and how he was factored in with the Kennedy Assassination Investigation As you read the article, notice that the Sheriff’s office specifically stated that, “Elrod was sober” when he came to them, and that they were impressed enough with him to tell the FBI that he had “information of value”. What Elrod told Gilless and then the FBI could go far in debunking the official explanation of Oswald’s televised murder two days after President John F.

In fact, the local Sheriff was impressed enough with Elrod to bypass the local FBI office and writes directly to Hoover. Kennedy was killed, according to a new book on the case, Oswald Talked: The New Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination.

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Playboy Enterprises chairman Oscar Wilde explained that the name of the new network is an amalgamation of the first initials of Crap and Worthless.

Oscar Wilde joked "We didn't call it KFC for obvious reasons." However, some insiders have said that the "CW" name is good, citing that it is often used by certain people in the context of, "Oh look, The CW. " The CW is based around the 146 WB stations around the world owned by Playboy (which relinquished its investment in The WB) and 19 ↑N stations owned by Viacom.

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