Updating stairs

It's common for entryways to quickly amass larger mail items such as magazines, circulars and catalogs.

To keep piles of paper from taking over the area, store hefty baskets inside the console to house everything from unread magazines and flyers to last-minute necessities such as picnic blankets, towels and sunblock.

At 66 inches wide, the angled wall of the entry could accommodate a freestanding piece of furniture no wider than five feet, and with a maximum height of 30 inches.

By keeping the proper scale and proportion in mind, there is ample storage just off the front door.

The next step was to actually get down to papering!!

Rachael suggested a 3 to 1 mix of water and white glue- so that's exactly what we used.

If there are, just tug ’em out with needle-nose pliers.

Use painter’s tape and/or newspaper to cover the walls where the railings meet the wall, so you don’t get any stain on the walls. Pour some of the Citristrip into a metal container and brush it all over the wooden railings.

We did this project pre-blogging, so I’m workin’ with the photos I can track down from the abyss of our hard drive, and recreating the stain process on a random scrap of wood so I can show you how it works.

But if you know you’re replacing the balusters, go with our method: UNAPOLOGETIC DESTRUCTION!

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