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So the 3rd Holy Spirit could be appointed/installed as priest on 2017Tammuz16/Elul5.

The Watchtower suffered a 40 year wilderness penalty from 1976Tishri1 (for giving up on chronology after their 1975 failure, having spied out the possibilities for future predictions and produced a bad report) to 2016Elul30/2017Iyyar30 (then end of the old secular/Zoar secular year).

Then it was further delayed still by the 7 month kingship malediction of the Laodicean Gentile Times from 2016Tishri15 to 2017Iyyar15 (when the 3rd holy spirit, Jesus' wife, the 144,000 1NC Kings were not permitted to rule over God's people).Policymakers face terrible dilemmas: information is incomplete; the inbox is huge; resources are limited; there are only so many hours in the day. The terrorists were at war with us, but we were not yet at war with them.The choices are tough, and none is tougher than deciding what is a priority and what is not. Rice, as we have with other witnesses, the choices that were made. For more than 20 years, the terrorist threat gathered, and America's response across several administrations of both parties was insufficient.Rice covers a decade, starting in 1999 when she joined George W.Bush’s presidential campaign as foreign-affairs adviser. She has written a straightforward chronological account, providing a great deal of detail but relatively little reflection on the lessons of her experience.

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