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He opposed the efforts of Kaspar Olevianus to bring the Reformation to the Archbishopric of Trier.In 1560, he encouraged the Jesuits to take control of the philosophy and theology faculties of the University of Trier.Johann Hugo von Orsbeck (1634–1711) was the Archbishop-Elector of Trier from 1675 to 1711.Johann Hugo von Orsbeck was born in Weilerswist on January 30, 1634, the son of Wilhelm von Orsbeck, Herr von Vernich († 1648) and of Katharina von der Leyen († 1673).Johann Hugo von Orsbeck finished his theological studies in 1655 and embarked on a two-month trip to Italy.In the meantime he was taken into the cathedral chapter of the Cathedral of Trier (1651) and Speyer Cathedral (1653).

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At the bank behind the floodwall, at an elevation of some 82 m, it abuts a sandy plain which is used especially for growing asparagus and which is also covered in fruit trees.

He spent 1655-57 studying at the University of Paris and at Pont-à-Mousson.

He received the minor orders in 1658 and became a canon of the Cathedral of Trier and Speyer Cathedral. On January 7, 1672, the cathedral chapter of the Cathedral of Trier elected Johann Hugo von Orsbeck coadjutor Archbishop of Trier (alongside his uncle Karl Kaspar von der Leyen-Hohengeroldseck).

Just behind the floodwall is the outlying centre of Heidenfahrt.

From here, before the channelling work on the Mariannenaue (floodplain) was broadened towards the east, there was once a ferry link to Erbach.

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