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collapsing the cam girl into the female artist.” is due to the fact that, in nearly every sex-working context, white bodies are more highly valued, effectively whitewashing these narratives twice over.The sex industry exploits in alignment with, to paraphrase sex worker and advocate Rebeka Refuse in her interview with , the “system of commodifying sexual labor…Instead, Kate Durbin is a voyeur in a context she has failed to compassionately represent and understand.

It's one of those things that everyone can do, but not everyone is GOOD at it.Direct lighting or a bare lightbulb is not flattering and can degrade your cam quality.Turn down the brightness of your computer monitor to reduce glare on glasses, shadows from the light, and also to reduce 'light noise' to your webcam that could degrade the quality of your stream."Find Your Angle"Put your laptop on a a chair or bar stool by your bed, so it doesn’t shake around when you are doing your show.Light It Right"To have great lighting, get lamps [in addition to] your ceiling lighting.A clamp lamp is the best: Clip it on the back of the chair [that] your computer is on and point the lights at the wall, so the light bounces back onto you.

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