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Dexter "Dex" Walker is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Charles Cottier.He made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 30 July 2009.Indeed, there’s no frenzy or catharsis that comes with Josh’s coming out; it’s dryly funny, treated more as an amusingly casual self-reckoning than as a life-changing awakening. As directed by Matthew Saville, its pace is gradual, its comedy found in conversation and circumstance rather than punchlines and set pieces.But these traits, however valuable and well-executed, don’t always appeal to major content distributors; while the low-key, naturalistic half-hour has become widespread enough to inspire an ’s aversion to typical dramatic beats still feels defiantly noncommercial. The series aired on American TV for three years on Pivot, a millennial-oriented channel that was shut down in August after failing to break out with viewers.So that's how we got to know each other." "Ooh, we got to know each other," Charles deadpanned. star Charles Cottier has admitted that he would like to pursue work in the US.Josh’s sexual development is tracked alongside his mother Rose’s (Debra Lawrence) struggles with clinical depression, which are first indicated by her attempted suicide in the pilot.

But Josh Thomas tweeted in August that weaves an array of delicate topics into an expression that’s subtle but bold for TV.

Tom Green originated the role, but when the Walker family returned in 2010, Cottier took over the part.

Cottier quit the role in early 2013 and Dexter made his last appearance on 13 November 2013.

Moments later, while visiting his friend Tom (Thomas Ward) at work to break the news, Josh meets the glance of the gorgeous new guy in the office, Geoffrey (Wade Briggs).

(Geoffrey’s apparent interest is especially surprising to Josh, who describes his own physical appearance as that of a “50-year-old baby.”) It’s all very matter of fact.

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