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One writes, “No offense to the girls, but Northwestern is just not an attractive campus overall; guys and girls complain about it all the time.” Lest you think this is just Reddit stupidity, it’s not.

The alleged unattractiveness of Northwestern students is something that I’ve heard referenced many times.

It’s a somewhat surprising development, since Ludlow is likely walking away from any possibility of a settlement going forward.

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Northwestern enacted some sanctions, such as precluding Ludlow from a pay raise for a year, and told him to avoid social contact with students.

Drohan already has cemented her status as one of the best coaches in Big Ten history, joining four other conference coaches (including Drysdale) as the only coaches to ever take Big Ten schools to the WCWS.

Drohan is one of two coaches to make the final pairing in Oklahoma City.

Students develop “Northwestern Goggles” where people who, outside of NU, wouldn’t be considered dating material quickly become eligible and desirable bachelors or bachelorettes.” Campus media references the term, too. First of all, it just doesn’t jive with my experience at Northwestern and that of the friends that I’ve talked to.

A few years back one of Daily’s sex columnists pondered this issue. I know that’s circumstantial, but I think it’s still worthwhile to point out that some of us disagree.

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