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No question is asked for the purpose of excluding any applicant due to race, creed, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, handicap, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Tammany Parish Courthouse, District Attorney Warren Montgomery honored Safe Harbor’s Executive Director Kim Kirby with an award for the excellent work Kim does for Safe Harbor.

SAA member groups agree to abide by the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of SAA and their application of these principles is governed by their own group conscience.

My oldest is special needs, though you can't tell by looking at him.The House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice passed without objection two bills extending domestic violence protection to same-sex couples and to dating partners.They move to the full House for expected debate next week.These orders may be issued by a civil court, a juvenile court, a family court, or a criminal court. The circumstances under which protection may be granted, the type of protective measures available, the length or duration of the protection and the type of punishment for violation of the order all vary according to law.Although anyone can ask the court to issue an order restraining someone else in order to prevent behavior that is potentially harmful, only those orders issued to prevent domestic abuse, dating violence, stalking or sexual assault are included in the Louisiana Protective Order Registry. Many orders include the opportunity to address property use, custody of children, and financial matters, when relevant to the petitioner’s safety.

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    He Suffered Family Tragedy at a Young Age His mother, Neilia Hunter, and younger sister Naomi were killed in a car crash in 1972.

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