Worst dating profile pics

“I have always winced at the thought of online dating… After being thoroughly disappointed in the trashy local nightlife, I have come to the conclusion that meeting people here might not be the worst idea.

So, here goes…Despite being very busy (aren’t we all?

When it comes to Tinder, you run into some interesting characters.

Here is the best of Tinder and the worst of Tinder made just for you.

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Also check out our online dating tips from a guy that has been on a lot of dates… Be sure to like and share this article if you LOL’d as much as we did…This allowed them to see which tags were associated with photos with lots of likes.Images featuring sports were shown to increase the chance of a like by 75 per cent, which those featuring nights out increased likes by 74 per cent.I have noticed the following dating profile about a month ago, and I decided to post it here with very minor changes, as I consider this the most interesting and overall – the best female online dating profile I have seen so far, or at least one of the very best.Some would consider this profile to be too negative and opinionated, but I strongly believe that “playing it safe” is not the right way to go when it comes to online dating.

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