Validating and non validating parsers with xml

Thus making me think that an XML file full of mistakes is well formated.

To go around this problem, I use the MSXML library provided by Microsoft to validate my XML files. Is there a way to precisely validate an XML source with the Chilkat component (I mean by that retrieving an error, when a tag is not well formed, or when an iso-8859-1 character is used in an utf-8 encoded XML file, for example). Years ago, the original need that prompted me to develop the XML parser was that the Microsoft XML parser was *very* slow in parsing very large XML files (files that were many megabytes in size with many nodes, i.e. The MS XML parser has since greatly improved in parsing speed, and this is no longer a factor.

The API is relatively stable, but I won't currently promise any ABI stability.Without a parser, the XML code cannot be understood.Because computers require instruction on how they should operate, an XML parser is inportant. When you open Firefox or Internet Explorer, or any other web browser, the program supplies the parser for you without you needing to do anything other than launch the browser software. It is the software that turns all the different languages into a workable format.When you write XML code, you need to follow the rules.This means root elements, nesting and a declaration statement.

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